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Lora Mercado
Aug 23 rd, 2016
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How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Freelance Business


When starting a new freelance business, your brand needs to build a reputation to expand your audience. Unlike the larger corporate businesses, freelancers are left to their own ingenuity and networking skills to obtain the same recognition.

Facebook is an excellent means for showing the world what you have to offer. You can easily spread the word to people that you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

In this recent study, it is shown that Facebook currently has 1.71 billion monthly active users. It is also stated that Facebook is the most popular social networking platform across the globe. This surpasses other sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Let’s take a look at how to use Facebook to increase exposure and grow your freelance business:

Always Use Images or Video

Your images should be eye catching and make the viewer curious, so that they stop to read the content that it’s linked to.

When you include an image or a video in a Facebook post, it will automatically draw more attention than a text only post. If your website takes a lighthearted approach, then another option is to use humor and comedy to attract your target audience.

The visual content that you post has the ability to go viral if it is engaging, humorous and/or informative. Even if it doesn’t go viral, chances are, it will be shared multiple times, which will increase your viewer count.

Include Website Link

In all of the posts that you make, adding a link to your website is an absolute must. If someone likes what they see in your Facebook post, then chances are they will want to find out more about your business and the services that you offer.

Use each post as an opportunity to share your website or other online links that you want to direct your audience to, such as an email subscriber list. When someone subscribes to your list, you can send them notifications of any new content, sales or other news you want to share. It’s a double bonus because not only will they be visiting your website, but you will be able to keep your business in the forefront of their mind.

Target Your Desired Demographic

Facebook makes it easy to specify the exact demographic you want to target for your ads. Location can be completely customized, as well as age, gender, hobbies and interests. You can also hone it down to occupation, education and relationship status if needed.


Taking the above points into consideration, it is obvious that using Facebook as an advertising tool will give you increased exposure. Once your content is seen repeatedly by your target audience, your business will begin to build a sense of trust.Take advantage of the opportunities that Facebook provides so your freelance business can expand and succeed.

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